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js-calendar uses mocha. To run the tests do in your command line: npm install npm test Build npm build Todo: - add even more tests - add more usefull iterator function for standard uses - add more examples like jade compiler or some other use case - make it easyer to use in the Brower maybe a dist build folder Current Tags. npm install js-year-calendar@1.0.0-alpha.7 SourceRank 6. Dependencies 0 Dependent packages 2 Dependent repositories 3 Total releases 7 Latest release Aug 13, 2019 First release Mar 6, 2019 Stars 12 Forks 5 Watchers 1 Contributors 0 Repository size 336 KB. js-calendar. A client- or server-side JavaScript calendar for generating days, week days and week number for datepickers and apps. Provides day of the week, week number, month info, can start week on monday or sunday and some other cool stuff. A free, fast, and reliable Open Source CDN for npm and GitHub with the largest network and best performance among all CDNs. Serving more than 40 billion requests per month.

Calendar.js. Pure JS calendar library. Motivation. I needed a date-picker component for a VueJS project, and I found it! But, one has too many dependencies, and the styles of others are too coupled with Bootstrap or Material Design or whatever. calendar.js. Functions inspired by the calendar module from the Python standard library. The monthDates function builds an array of weeks to display one month, starting on Sunday default or Monday. Each week is an array of seven Date instances, including dates from the month before or after, as needed to fill the first and last weeks.

By slightly expanding this code, we may get a Node.js event calendar that allows several users to edit the calendar simultaneously update the data on the client side without reloading pages. However, it is a topic for a separate article. npm install moment --savenpm yarn add momentYarn Install-Package Moment.jsNuGet spm install moment --savespm meteor add momentjs:momentmeteor bower install moment --savebower deprecated.

Looking for the NPM Planning Calendar? It’s been rolled into our enhanced member resource package. As an NPM member you can continue to access the Planning Calendar along with new and helpful resources such as the Digital Conservatory and NPM Academy. OuiCal2. A simple JS library that enables you to add an "add to calendar" button for your upcoming events. Inspiration. This project was inspired by Eventbrite's add to calendar feature which should have been open sourced justSayin. Later, it was adjusted to look and behave more like AddToCalendar, which suddenly became a commercial tool, and very expensive too justSayin. A full 12-Month view calendar made with vue.js. There is no full year 12 months on a page calendar right now, the Vue-material-year-calendar is designed to solve this problem. Calendar, Material Design. 14 April 2019 A when2meet-like calendar made with Vue.

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