Lightbend Scala Config 2020
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SSL Config. Goal and purpose of this library is to make Play WS library as well as Akka HTTP "secure by default". Sadly, while Java's security has been steadily improving some settings are still left up to the user, and certain algorithms which should never be used in a serious production system are still accepted by the default settings of the SSL/TLS infrastructure. I am using lightbend in my scala code so that my file is away from my jar. I need to pass the current date in file. Date_read_write = 20190828 how do I make this to pick up dynamically, if it is shell script I can mention.

Lightbend Akka for Scala - Expert The pinnacle of scalable, reactive applications! Experienced application developers learn to build distributed reactive applications using Akka and Scala, scaling out multiple nodes, remoting and clustering. While I appreciate your response, it's flawed in a few ways: 1 I don't believe I need assistance with generating the certs/keys 2 My question is purely about Scala coding. 3 The examples you provide don't show any use of ssl-config being used for specifying keystore/truststore they show manual configuration, 4 my question is about non-http.

we used to use osgi to provide config, but it's a pain having to retrieve that service everywhere so i went with a central class which can be accessed statically to get config, but that has the annoyance you mentioned: making sure it gets initialized in time. i currently. If you use the default configuration from ConfigFactory.load there's no need to pass a configuration to your libraries and frameworks, as long as they all default to this same default, which they should. Example application code: Java and Scala. Showing a couple of more special-purpose features, a more complex example: Java and Scala.

Configuring Scala tool dependencies. In order to compile Scala code, run scaladoc, and provide a Scala REPL, sbt needs the scala-compiler jar. This should not be a normal dependency of the project, so sbt adds a dependency on scala-compiler in the special, private scala-tool configuration. Configuration. This part of the documentation has pages documenting particular sbt topics in detail. Before reading anything in here, you will need the information in the Getting Started Guide as a. Full sources for all Cloudflow example applications can be found in the examples folder of the cloudflow project on Github.The sources for the example described below can be found in the application called sensor-data-scala and there is also a Java version available. Little scala extension to Typesafe Config. Typesafe Config little scala wrapper Little scala extension to Typesafe Config.

If you need to manually specify the custom location of a Lightbend Config configuration file when running a Scala or Java application, I can confirm that this java command setting works: java -Dconfig.file=my_app.conf [the rest of your app parameters] ----- In my case I read the Lightbend Config file like this in my Scala application. Getting started with Lightbend Project Starter. IntelliJ IDEA lets you work with Lightbend Project Starter templates. Create a project. Before you create a project make sure the Scala plugin is downloaded and enabled in IntelliJ IDEA. If no project is currently opened in IntelliJ IDEA, click Create New Project on the Welcome screen. Otherwise, select. Scala - Environment Setup - Scala can be installed on any UNIX flavored or Windows based system. Before you start installing Scala on your machine, you must have Java 1.8 or greater instal. Scala Home » Lagom reference guide » Writing persistent and clustered services §Storing Persistent Events in a Relational Database This page describes how to configure a relational database for use with Persistent Entity API or Akka Typed Persistence in a Lagom service. §Project dependencies To use a relational database add the following in your project’s build.

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