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Auto Completion of symbols as you type using gocode Signature Help for functions as you type using gogetdoc or godefgo doc Quick Info on the symbol as you hover over it using gogetdoc or godefgo doc Code Navigation. Go to or Peek Definition of symbols using gogetdoc or godefgo doc. Does someone would have an idea, goal of running gocode was to see if in fact the gocode was returning suggestion for external package than if yes, there's something with the extension. If gocode does not returns anything, well it means it's not working properly now, anything I can do? Thanks. Edit 1: Log from gocode following kostya answer.

Search results for "golang", Visual Studio Code on marketplace. I've been using VS Code for my Golang development needs for a few months now. Minor kinks here and there, nothing serious, and the development experience gets better with every update. I have also tried out IntelliJ Idea as the editor, and one feature that I'm missing in.

Solution. Besides the already proposed solutions, what you can do is to start using the alternative and more advanced linter for Go - golangci-lint.This linter has the default settings not to warn about those missing doc comments of course you can turn this warning on if you want by using the related flags. The possibility to change the linter is also mentioned on the description page of Go. Note 3: This extension uses gocode to provide completion lists as you type. If you have disabled the go.buildOnSave setting, then you may not get fresh results from not-yet-built dependencies. Therefore, ensure you have built your dependencies manually in such cases. Customizing the Go extension features. dlv gocode gocode-gomod godef godef-gomod golint go-outline gopkgs gorename goreturns go-symbols guru 配置 VS Code 使用文件夹配置, 在.vscode文件夹下新建settings.json.

vscode 安装过程很辛苦啊。各种问题现在总结给大家分享一下。 平台为openSUSEKDE 1、安装vscode 64 位 linux 版 可以下载你相应的版本. 一、GO语言安装 详情查看:GO语言下载、安装、配置 二、GoLang插件介绍 对于Visual Studio Code开发工具,有一款优秀的GoLang插件,它的主页为:github. 原因其实很简单: 在国内由于一些 众所周知的 原因无法直接访问,而go get在获取gocode、go-def、golint等插件依赖工具的源码时,需要从上拉取部分代码至GOPATH,自然就导致了最后这些依赖于代码的依赖工具安装失败。 解决办法.

VSCodeでGoの開発環境を作成する方法メモ 感覚的にはほとんど苦労せずにコード補完、デバッグも含めた環境を作成できました。 Vimでの設定時はけっこう苦労したんですが、VSCodeはサポート手厚いですね・・・検証環境.

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